Some essential terms and technicalities that one must get familiar with if you want to start using fish finders

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Wattage: This basically means how much watts of electricity your fish finder will consume. Nothing more technical into that. It is measured in terms of RMS or root mean square. wattage is directly related to performance. More wattage means better performance. Less wattage means less performance.         Transducer frequency: Frequency of transducer … Read more

Chartplotter – the best fish finders you can ever purchase if you need a combination of basic functionalities for your fishing experience.

Another best type of fish finder that is perfect for performing a combination of basic functionalities and that too comes with a Chartplotter. It has the relevant GPS sensors which can be efficiently used to locate the exact positions of fishes under the water body. A perfect choice for midsized boat owners, this type of … Read more

Best Bass Fishing Casting Rods For The Money, Reviews and Buyers guide:

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It is summertime and people are busy with their families on exotic vacations and holidays. Be it a foreign trip or a small indoor vacation, people are indulging in new and creative water sports and activities. Horseback riding, hunting, kayaking, caving are some of the few examples that tourists love to do. Fishing is also … Read more


Sican 4HP Outboard Motor 4 Stroke Inflatable Fishing Boat Engine

WATERSNAKE TROLLING MOTOR: Vacations are coming to an end but have we lost that trill too? I don’t think so. You should spend every last minute of your holiday. Enjoy the last day with your loved ones and do not forget to be the most adventurous person on this planet. Some brief advises- pack your … Read more

Best Outboard Motor For Saltwater

Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor

Weather is breezy these days. Enjoying boating on such sunny and cheerful days is pure bliss. Thus, a few of my engineering colleagues and I decided to check out the vast market for outboard motors for saltwater and share our unbiased picks with the masses. Selecting just the right outboard motor is a difficult task … Read more