Award-Winning Plastic Substitute from Fish- Marina Tex

One of the burning issues of the present world is “Pollution”; if we say specifically, it is “Soil Pollution.” Among many types of pollution, soil pollution is very common, which can cause due to using non-biodegradable elements. To reduce the enormous harm to our environment, a 23 years old woman discovered a product named Marina Tex to use as a substitute for plastic.

This is really an amazing invention. Where the whole world is diving into the harmfulness of soil pollution, she made a plastic substitute from fish! So let’s know detail about this great intention.

The invention of Marina Tex

Pollution in any element of our environment can cause great harm to our life. To have a pollution-free world, many researchers are working to intent more and more eco-friendly products. The most appreciable thing about the invention of Marina Tex is the inventor of this is not any researcher. A 23 years old woman, Lucy Hughes, made the Marina Tex as her university project.

Lucy Hughes

Why We Need a Substitute for Plastic?

Plastic bags are mostly used for carrying something. But this is not eco-friendly. At the same time, plastics are thrown into the environment after using this to become buried in the soil but never be degraded with the soil. It can ruin soil fertility and cause soil contamination. Again when these plastics mix with the seawater, they keep moving in the water forever as nothing can destroy it. This is very harmful to the existence of sea creatures. The only way to destroy plastics is by burning them, by which a huge amount of carbon dioxide will spread to the air, which will cause air pollution and harm to any living animals.

All these create a vital need to have an eco-friendly substitute for plastic to save our environment and also our lives. From this need, Lucy Hughes started thinking about a bio-degradable material that might replace the plastic material. Finally, she worked with fish waste and did an incredible job by making such an element.

Story of Marina Tex

While being a student University of Sussex, Lucy Hughes is working on this project for her final year task. She used fish wastes like fish scales and skin, and algae to make a transparent sheet, which can be a substitute for plastic. Fish waste and algae are bio-degradable elements, so they can be used as a bag to carry anything.

Marina Tex is a transparent sheet that is stronger compared to low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material. Generally, LDPE is used to make plastic bags or any kind of plastic container. The material is very transparent, completely the same as you see in any plastic packaging.

You can easily use this element to make any containers instead of making them with plastic. After use, if you throw it in the soil, it will be easily buried underground and be degraded within 4 to 6 weeks only. Again it doesn’t harm marine animals by moving around the seawater. This is the fact for which this material is being praised everywhere. Marina Tex is more sustainable and also safer than plastics.

This incredible idea of using fish waste to make an organic material product to replace plastic struck on Hughes’s head while she was in university. But she didn’t stop at that point. She continues researching on the project even after passing out from Sussex. Then finally, she launched her creation, “Marina Tex.”

Lucy Hughes achieved the James Dyson Award 2019 from the James Dyson Foundation on November 13. As Hughes’s creation can bring a great revolution to the waste management of the whole world and also help in saving the environment from soil and water pollution, the James Dyson Foundation announced her international winner.

Benefits We Can Get from Marina Tex

Plastics can destroy poor sea creatures as when plastics move around the water, they can easily enter their stomach. But when we start using Marina Tex instead of Plastic, this problem will have a solution. Plastics are impermeable to moisture and gases. Whereas, Marina Tex is an organic material and so we will be able to make a permeable product by this element. This is bio-degradable and organic material; thus, it will never leave any harm to the environment and also to human lives or other living beings.

Business with Marina Tex

As we know that the raw material of Marina Tex is Fish wastes only. Fish is very common in the whole world; People in every corner of the world love to fish. There are thousands of fish industries in the world. Every year they are growing more than 50 million tons of fish waste around the world. Generally, these wastes are being grounded. But, in the case of producing Marina Tex, these wastes can play an important role.

The huge amount of fish wastes can be used for creating Marina Tex. In this case, the already established fish industries can build another sector in their business of making the new material with their wastage. From these, they can earn more money. Again they sell this wastage to the individual industries who are working to make Marina Tex.

Besides producing Marina Tex, they can create different usable products with it. Like, they can create bags or containers to carry things and sell them. Thus there can be many employment sectors regarding this element.


Marina Tex can save our environment from the curse of plastics and also can help to recycle huge wastes from fish industries at a time. The use of this Marina Tex material will be able to reduce the massive amount of plastic usage and with that the plastic pollution. It is a very important and interesting thing. You will be able to know a lot more about this on the internet. Hope you liked this marina text.

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