Bass Fishing- A Famous Sport

Nature makes human beings feel alive and joyful. So we want to get closer to nature to escape from our dull and hectic day. Passing the time with nature and natural elements gives us immense pleasure and helps us get rid of the boredom of the whole day or the entire week.

If you are a nature lover, fishing will be your most favorite pastime to spend alone time or quality time with friends and family enjoying the beauty of nature. But if you want to make your fishing time-worthy, you need to know about fishing strategies.

Many people take fishing so passionately. In the early 1960s, a famous fishing game started in North America. The sport is Bass Fishing. Over time, this sport has become so popular that now it is the fourth popular game in the United States.

What is Bass Fishing?

Bass fishing is a fishing method using ”angle” for the North American gamefish, known in laymen term as the black bass. Fishing, in general, is a widespread hobby among the people of the earth. Yet Bass fishing is a unique type of fishing that has transformed into a sport, attracting a multibillion-dollar industry.

Before diving into this unique sport’s specifics, it is essential to have a brief knowledge about Black Bass and the history of Bass fishing.

Brief Introduction to Bass:

Black basses are strong fighters that are fished recreationally. According to the environment of water bodies and the bass species, we can find them in lakes, reservoirs, ponds, streams, creeks, and roadside ditches.

Lake Gogebic, Mich., black bass fishing - PICRYL Public Domain Search

Among the species, two are of particular interest, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass. Largemouth has the tendency to jump more than other black bass and are known for their overall greater size. However, smallmouth bass has the tenacity to fight more aggressively and runs too powerfully to underwater structures such as submerged logs and weed beds.

History of the Sport Bass Fishing:

The fishing of the Black Bass, which had a humble beginning in the late 19th century, cemented its place as the most sought-after game fish in the United States. Largemouth bass populations boomed during the mid19th century as the farmers got advice and help from the U.S. Department of Agriculture about constructing and stocking farm ponds with largemouth bass.

With the increased industrialization and development, the eastern rivers had been polluted and allowed to silt up. The native trout have died out for this reason, and the smallmouth bass took the place in the northern rivers, and slowly, this kind of fish became popular as gamefish.

Acquired Combination of Strategy, Strength, and Art:

Bass fishing in no way is lesser in physical, mental, and strategical sights than the other mainstream sports. If you have a great interest in this sport, you need to know the basic strategies.


Bass fishing, like other popular sports, is also exhausting. One is on a tight 8hour limit. You need to run from spot to spot as fast as possible, no matter how harsh the weather and circumstance are. If the water is rough, you are going to lose. Then after getting there, you have to get up and start casting.

In the meantime, you have to find time to consume food so that you have energy and fluid to be hydrated throughout the whole event. All these bending, stooping, kneeling, up and down the steps, trying to keep your balance in a rocking boat while controlling the boat with your foot and casting, burn calories just like the other popular sports do.


Bass fishing is not just random fishing; what people do to get rid of boredom. In this case, it is not just floating out, dropping an anchor, and throwing live bait overboard. You cannot win without having a strategy.

You may like to go out and get a quick limit of 5 fish, then look for big fish. Another may go straight to the hunt for 5 big fish. You have to decide which species you want to target on reservoirs with mixed species (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass).

Is it a 2–3lb smallmouth or a largemouth? Or are you hoping to find a 5–6lb kicker? What if, in the meantime, weather changes roughly, and what if someone else beats you in his spot? All the mental calculations you need to do instantly in bass fishing.


In a fishing competition, the amount of catch doesn’t only determine the winner. Other parameters, such as how many fishes you have caught and variations in its species. Some competitions also take account of the fishing line used where observers notice the anglers working with thinner, weaker lines. If you know these rules from the start, you will get bonus points.

Overpopulation Problem of Bass:

As the popularity of the sport increased and the practice of ”catch and release”, there have been some bass overpopulation cases. Some indicators that a bass population is overpopulated are-

  1. The largemouth bass that people have caught are all less than 1 pound and are “skinny.”
  2. The bluegills are 1/2 pound and larger.

There is a fact that the easiest way to control an overpopulation of largemouth bass is by increasing the take of bass. This method of thinning the bass population, providing recreation at the same time shows the best result.

Professional Aspect of the Sport:

With the increase in popularity of competitive bass fishing, it has become the multibillion-dollar industry of professional bass angling. The increasing popularity and financial support of many companies have helped this game reach the professional sports level.

If you want to be a professional bass angler, you will have to compete in the bass fishing pro circuit and may also have to have company sponsorships. There are some renowned pro circuits include Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, Walmart FLW Tour, and the Major League Fishing, Bass Pro Tour.

At present, the sport is not only popular among men. The women are also participating in this exciting sport. Many women are trying to pursue a professional career in this sport and have their own women’s circuit. The Lady Bass Anglers Association is there to ensure proper facilities for the female players of this game.


In general, this sport has seen a massive increase in popularity over the centuries and is a source for both a prominent career in professional bass angling and a recreational sport to follow for anglers in general all around the nation and beyond.

With the introduction of sponsoring companies and initiatives towards new pro circuits, bass fishing holds great potential to become a global sport transcending race and culture boundaries and reach out to a massive population worldwide.

If you want to be better at this sport, you need to know the game’s basic rules and tactics. The increasing popularity of this game ensures that you will not be unsuccessful if you are a good player and want to pursue a career in this game. So know the hacks and be a pro!


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