Best Outboard Motor For Saltwater

Weather is breezy these days. Enjoying boating on such sunny and cheerful days is pure bliss. Thus, a few of my engineering colleagues and I decided to check out the vast market for outboard motors for saltwater and share our unbiased picks with the masses.

Selecting just the right outboard motor is a difficult task these days. There are tons of new and exciting features that are added with each passing day and this has made the choice among these amazing products even more difficult. Gone are the days when outboard motors couldn’t survive in salty water or didn’t have enough horsepower, the motors of today are the best in the industry.

Best Outboard Motors For Saltwater 2018

Earlier, all the outboard motors with about 200hp were endowed with four cylinders. Almost all of them belonged to the four-stroke category. However, with the increasing competition in the industry and the evolvement of technology, the companies are now providing a choice between four and six cylinders.

This raises an ever-perplexing question for the consumers: which outdoor motor is the best for you? Which one should you prefer based on your needs? Well, look no further because we have it all covered in this guide for you

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Saltwater Motors – Buyer’s Guide


Firstly, what is an outboard matter? An outdoor motor basically attaches itself to the rear of your fishing boat. These motors are used in both freshwaters as well as saltwater conditions. Well then, why is this article exclusively target saltwater outboard motors? Do these motors have an edge over the freshwater ones? Let’s have a look.

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Outdoor motors that are designed specifically for saltwater use are made of different kinds of anticorrosive material, for instance, stainless steel. On the other hand, the components of freshwater motors are usually made of a material like aluminum. If these motors are put in salt water, they will corrode in no time. Thus, you must always prefer saltwater motors that have anodes made of metal. Even is these anodes degrade over time, you are not likely to suffer much loss as the boat and the motor will not be affected.

How can you take care of your saltwater motor?

Though saltwater outboard motors are much more durable as compared to freshwater means, this in no way means that you can do away with the basic maintenance that is required to keep them running long and strong. Here’s a list of tips that you can employ in order to ensure the longevity of your motor.

  • Never ever skip flushing!

You are in grave misunderstanding if you believe that the strong anti-corrosive components of saltwater motors don’t require flushing with water after every single use. Though, you can totally do away with earmuffs as the most recent motors are already equipped with mounts, flushing is a practice that shouldn’t just be limited to freshwater motors.

  • Avoid Flushing The Motor With Hot Water

Flushing every now and then doesn’t solve all the problems. You also need to ensure that the practice is done effectively. For this, you must ensure that the water flow is good and the flow of water is warm. It should not be too hot to avoid damage. Lukewarm water effortlessly attains the bliss point.

  • Do not rely on any set rules for spark plugs and plug wires

There are absolutely no set rules which are applicable to the duration for which your spark plugs and plug wires will last. Everything depends on how much you use your boat as well on the maintenance practices that you adopt. If you fall behind on any of these, you are more likely to find the need of switching your spark plugs and plug wires infrequent periods.

  • Rely on a trusted fuel

The fuel should not have any harmful additives in it. If by any chance water or ethanol find a way to your engine by way of the fuel, they can massively decrease the performance of the engine. Water can eat it from the very inside and damage crucial components like spark plugs. It might be hard for you to steer clear from ethanol as it is a very common additive in fuels. However, you must try your best to do so because it has the characteristics of a solvent and can provide easy access to water.

  • Pay Heed to the fuel line fittings

Does the danger that comes with fuel leaks in a tight, hot engine compartment even need an explanation? I hope not! You must always keep in mind that fuel lines have the tendency to corrode over time and need regular replacement to ensure safety.

  • Replace the impeller annually

I am writing this article from the very scratch. I am assuming here that you don’t know much about the outboard motors already. So, before we know its maintenance, lets first see what an impeller means.

The impeller can be easily called a vital component of the lifeline of the pump. It ensures the active flow of water and prevents the engine from heating too much. Since frequent use makes them prone to the settlement of mucks, they must be replaced every year in case of saltwater outboard motors.

  • Again, do not compromise with the fuel

Apart from merely ensuring that there are no harmful additives in the fuel, you must also use fresh fuel as far as possible. Fuels have the chemical property o gradually breaking down their component parts over a period of tie. This makes them unusable after a specific duration.


Let us now look at some of the best outboard motors for saltwater available in the market. The comprehensive review will help you in making the right choice. However, the order of the products is no measure of their comparative benefits and disadvantages. Each one of them is amazing in its own right and the choice is subjective. The product that will turn out to be the best for you depends on your needs.

  • Coleman 5 HP Outboard Motor

Your Compact and Reliable Partner

This compact and lightweight motor is sure to have your back. Its reliability is almost unmatched and you sure to have a great time with it. Its quiet operation is surely a treat. Now, you can enjoy the serenity of the waters without the loud annoying noise of the motor. If you have a smaller boat or an inflatable raft, take this motor and take your kids on a trip of their lifetime. It is not completely useless even if you have a larger craft. It will stay with you as an amazing trolling motor. It is fuel-efficient and will save up on your costs. This incredible motor that won’t run you huge bills is much known for its smooth operation.

coleman 5hp outboard motor


  • Anticorrosive

You won’t face much trouble in retaining the durability of this device. It is anti-corrosive in nature as it is made of marine-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy.

  • User-Friendly

This motor is extremely user-friendly. It features a manual easy starting TCI ignition system. Moreover, it also features an oil level gauge indicator.

  • Fuel-efficient

This device will also not run you huge bills on the fuel. It has an amazing fuel consumption capacity of 0.3 gallons/hr.

Key Specifications

  • Easy-starting (manual) TCI ignition system
  • Made of marine-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Thermostat-controlled water cooling system
  • Vibration reduction system
  • Quiet through propeller hub exhaust
  • Oil level gauge indicator
  • Ultra-low emissions
  • Twist-grip tiller control with safety lanyard
  • F – N – R gear lever with start in gear protection
  • 3 blade propeller – 7.5″x7″
  • 112cc displacement
  • 53 (gal/hr) max fuel consumption
  • An amazing quiet motor
  • Effortlessly portable
  • Ideal for small and inflatable boats
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Fluid movement
  • One year warranty
  • Mandatory to use ethanol-free fuel

Overall, if you analyze you won’t really find many loopholes in this product. It is one of a kind and you can surely go ahead with its purchase. The cons are generally present in all of the other motors too. Looking at the brighter side, the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

coleman 5hp outboard motor

4-stroke 1.4HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing boat motor

The Engine That Has your back every time

This outstanding motor is just what you need. It won’t disturb your peaceful and enjoyable time. It has most of the quiet operation abilities available with the motors in the market. Endowed with a certified engine from CE, this motor can be your one-stop solution for an inflatable boat, a sailboat, a fishing boats as well as a small yacht. With the promise of lasting long, this motor is developed with efforts to keep it as economical and durable as possible. It won’t give away in normal wear and tear by virtue of its anti-corrosive components.  Even if you are a newbie, you will never face any hassles while running this motor due to its extremely easy to control the safe twist-grip throttle. This incredible motor can be used in both freshwaters as well as saltwater with all its unbelievable features. To top it all, it comes with the promise of efficient customer support. It has a one year warranty. The company also ensures free replacement of the parts.

4-stroke 1.4HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing boat motor


Wide Application

You can use this versatile motor with a wide range of vehicles right from the small sailboats, inflatable boats, fishing boats to small yachts.

Durability you can boast of

This motor is one of the most durable ones available these days. Not only do its anti-corrosive components make it amazingly resistant to wear and tear, its compact structure further boosts its appeal.

Fluid Operation

This product comes with an outstanding engine that has been certified by CE. It doesn’t make any noise during its operation. It is well renowned for its maneuverability and easy to use the throttle.

Key Specifications

  • Displacement: 37.68cc
  • Engine:1E40F,4-stroke,air-cooled
  • Rated output power: 1.0kW/6500rpm
  • Max. Engine speed:8000/min
  • Fuel tank capacity:650ml
  • Engine oil:90ml
  • Robust Engine
  •  Affordable Price
  •  Portable
  •  Extremely user-friendly
  •  Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Might overheat
  • Requires tools to adjust


The robust engine and the ease of use are the USP of this motor. Not many users report negatively on this product and it is a safe bet.

4-stroke 1.4HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing boat motor

Outboard Motor 6 Hp 2 Stroke Inflatable Fishing Boat Engine 

Maximum Power, minimum size

This motor has an engine water cooling system like no other. This system provides efficient cooling and can significantly boost the productivity of the engine. It is extremely safe to use by virtue of its twist grip safe throttle. This throttle also makes it effortless to use. It is a pocket dynamo. Its compact and portable engine provides maximum power in an unbelievably portable size. This anti-corrosive motor is eco-friendly too. Its prop exhaust outlet not only facilitates quiet operation but also decreased the emission of pollutants.

coleman 5hp outboard motor


Incredibly durable and robust

The components that are employed in the designing of this motor make it extremely durable. The heavy-duty aluminum cast starter, unique engine design, and anti-corrosion elements add to its reliability.

Safe To Use

You don’t need to be anxious about your safety while using this motor. Its twist grip throttle control and start-in-gear protection provide you with enough reasons to rest your worries.


This motor is not only backed by a one year warranty from the company but also the promise and assurance of lifetime free maintenance service.

Key Specifications

  • Output:4.4KW/6HP
  • Displacement:102CC
  • Bore×Stroke:55×43mm
  • Integral fuel tank capacity:5L
  • Separate fuel tank capacity:12L
  • Durable and reliable
  • Extremely safe to use
  • Designed to be user-friendly
  • Compact and portable
  • Can be used in shallow waters withconvenience
  • Operational instructions have not been well illustrated.
  • Might pose problems of smoking and heating up

If you are looking for a compact and portable motor, you can go for this reliable option. It is extremely safe to use and can even act as your emergency fall-back. It is versatile and can be used in shallow waters too.

Goplus Electric Trolling Motor


Goplus Electric Trolling Motor

As Smooth As Butter

The USP of GoPlus Electric Trolling motor is the ease by which it can be controlled and operated. The 6” telescoping adjustable handle makes the task extremely easy for you. You will undoubtedly enjoy a ride that is as smooth as butter yet is safe because the control is always at your fingertips. Its unique design including a Three-Blade propeller will ensure that it runs smoothly even on underground marsh and grass. This robust and durable matter also has an effortless way of keeping a check on the electricity left with you besides protecting the batteries from damage.

Goplus Electric Trolling Motor


 Easy To Use

It has various features that make it extremely user0riendly and safe at the same time. Its 6” telescoping adjustable handle and the three-blade propeller ensure that you have a smooth and joyous experience. All care is taken to ensure the safety of the user. This includes the inclusion of 5 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds to place all the control in the user’s hands.

 Battery Indicator

The 10 points LED-light indicator not only helps you in keeping a check on the quantum of battery that you have in hand but also protects the batteries from damage.

 High Service Life

This motor is one of the most sturdy and robust ones in the market. The Reinforced Nylon Bracket ensures high strength. This motor will surely last for quite some time thanks to its components like the Fibre Glass composite and the durable aluminum head.

Key Specifications

Speeds: 5 Forward/3 Reverse
Maximum Thrust: 46lbs
Shaft Length: 36”
Weight: 19.4 Lbs
Volts: 12 V
Propeller: 2 blade propeller
Package Include: 1x Trolling Motor 1x Operation Manual

Speeds: 5 Forward/3 Reverse
Maximum Thrust: 55lbs
Shaft Length: 36”
Weight: 22 Lbs
Volts: 12 V
Propeller: 3 Blades Propeller
Package Include: 1x Trolling Motor 1x Operation Manual

Speeds: 5 Forward/3 Reverse
Maximum Thrust: 86lbs
Shaft Length: 36”
Weight: 22 Lbs
Volts: 24 V
Propeller: 3 Blades Propeller
Package Include: 1x Trolling Motor 1x Operation Manual


  • Easy to Use
  • High power efficiency
  •  Great speed
  • Poor customer service
  • Quite heavy

If you are looking for a motor that is the perfect combination of sturdiness and excellent performance, you shouldn’t bat an eyelid before resting your fingers at this one.

Goplus Electric Trolling Motor

Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor

Enjoy Fishing In Unbelievable Peace

This device will transform the way you perceive your fishing trips. It is ultra-quiet and cool will bestow you with the luxury of fishing all day long without giving a second thought about spooking the fish. It has features that boost its strength tremendously and place the control of this power in the hands of the user. It is versatile and can be used for both freshwaters as well as saltwater.

Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor


 Unbelievably Quiet

Thanks to its efficient NV 55 lb component, you will never feel disturbed by the sound of this motor. It is quite cool and will stay a loyal companion to you throughout your trip due to its robust and sturdy components.

Easily controlled

Its fully adjustable and strong shaft enables you to have complete control of the movement. It also allows proper depth placements in every water condition whatsoever. Five forwards speeds and three reverse speeds along with an ergonomic extendable handle give you a never-before experience.

 Five – Point LED Battery Meter

This anti-corrosive motor even allows you to keep a track of the battery through its Five-Point LED Battery Meter.


Key Specifications

  • 55lb Thrust
  • Adjustable30 inchshaft length
  • Saltwater Resistant
  • 8 speeds (5 forward & 3 reverse)
  • 5 Point LED battery meter
  • DC 12V
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Fits almost all small boats & kayaks
  • Great Customer Service
  •  Quick operation
  •  Long-lasting power
  • Reasonable price
  •   Great packaging
  • No batteries are provided along with the product.
  • No indication between the speeds

If you are looking for a motor that can be your best friend on your next fishing trip, you can definitely opt for this product. Be assured of gaining a handful without spooking the fishes away!

4-stroke 1.4HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing boat motor

Sican 4HP Outboard Motor 4 Stroke Inflatable Fishing Boat Engine

Your Saviour During Emergencies

This is a robust motor that you can count on even when the currents are not in your favor. It will hold you back and sail you through the contingent situations. It is extremely easy to start and will surely become your favorite in no time. It is so small that you won’t believe that it has all the abilities packed in it.

Sican 4HP Outboard Motor 4 Stroke Inflatable Fishing Boat Engine


 Easy to Use

It is extremely easy to use. In fact, you will be surprised by its uncanny abilities.  It has great speed and you will reach back to the dock in no time in case you sense the approach of bad weather.


Its small size should not distract you from all the incredible features that it has packed neatly inside it. You will never face any trouble in carrying it around.

Key Specifications

Model: Four-stroke 4 horsepower

Displacement: 52cc
Weight: 10.8Kg
Cylinders: 1
Maximum speed: 4000-5000
Maximum power: 2.8KW
Ignition system; CDI
Cooling system: air cooling
Control system: tiller

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Great Speed
  • Reliable
  •  Inexpensive
  • Might be too loud for some people
  • Poorly illustrated manual

If you are looking for a portable little motor that is not too harsh on your pockets. You can opt for this one. If you are not searching for the best motor ever but instead want a reliable one, this motor can be the best choice for you.

4-stroke 1.4HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing boat motor

4-stroke 7HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing boat motor

Just What You Need

The CE certified engine of this motor will never disappoint you. Its versatility will never fail to impress you. Its durable yet economical structure will surely help it in making a place in your list of favorites. This quiet motor is even covered under a one year warranty.

4-stroke 7HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing boat motor.jpg



It is a perfect match for a long list of locomotives including fishing boats and small yachts. Moreover, it can be used in both freshwaters as well as saltwater.


This motor is the perfect combination of everything that you want in a motor. It is durable yet economical and compact. It is lightweight and easily portable. It is anti-corrosive which makes it perfect for your saltwater trips.

  Quiet Driving

If all these features weren’t enough already, this motor is very quiet and you are not likely to find it disturbing at any point in time.

Key Specifications

Engine model:1P70FA,7.0HP
Engine type: single cylinder,4 stroke, air-cooled
Rated output power:5.0kw
Start type: recoil start
With Loncin Engine With 2 Blade Propeller, diameter 21cm

  • Outstanding certified engine
  • Versatile
  • Durable and compact
  • Quiet Driving
  • One year warranty
  • A bit low on speed
  • Poorly illustrated manual

If you are looking for a motor that has every single feature that you have desired, this motor is the safest bet

4-stroke 1.4HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing boat motor

I hope that this comprehensive guide on “The Best Outboard Motors For Saltwater” was useful for you. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding the same, feel free to get in touch.

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