Down Scan Or Side Scan- Which Fish Finder Is Best For You

Many people have a passion for fishing. Fishing can bring great enjoyment and satisfaction to nature lovers. Fishing is one of the favorite hobbies of many of us, especially those who live at any place nearby a river or pond.

Those who like fishing passionately want to make their fishing time worthy by catching fishes as many as possible. It is a fact for the fishermen also who take fishing professionally and earn their livelihood by this means.

Technology has brought a blessing to the fishermen’s lives by making fishing more manageable and time-worthy by advanced and digital machines. One of those technologies is a fish finder. This machine has made it easy to find fishes deep underwater and catch more fish than expected.

What is a Fish Finder?

Fishfinder is a device that is used by fishermen to locate the position of the fish. It is a digital device using the technology of the SONAR (Sound Navigation and Ranging) system. People started using this technology early in the 90s. Since then, it got developed with many features like GPS, electronic compass, radar over time. It is an essential device for the fishermen and the people who choose fishing as a leisure activity.

How Does a Fish Finder Work?

A fish finder locates fishes and shows the location on a digital CRT or LCD screen. A transmitter is located under a ship that sends sound signals to the waves. The sound signal is called “ping.” The SONAR system accepts the echo, which gets reflected by the waves.

The reflected sound waves are recorded and shown on the digital screen. Most fish finders work at the 2D SONAR range, and the frequency is mostly between 50 Hz and 200 Hz. The higher frequency the SONAR can produce, the better picture we will get on the screen.

To get an accurate result, the symbol of the signal that is from fishes and the one which is from other aquatic elements like stones, coral is different. Anyone can easily differentiate the signs and get the fishes’ actual location under the water without getting confused.

Down Scanning and Side Scanning:

Down scanning and Side scanning are the newer and better fish finding technologies that can use much higher frequencies than the regular fish finders, almost 455 or 800 Hz. Both of them are advanced technologies for fishing and both have positive and negative sides.

Down Scanning:

Down scanning is the process of getting pictures vertically when you are scanning a specific area under the water. The soundwaves from the transmitter are opposed downward to a cone. Here you will get large and clear pictures of aquatic trees, rock, fish, and other things underneath the boat. So you can quickly determine the location of fishes from down imagining.

Advantages of Down Scanning:

  • Down imaging is usually useful while fishing deep underwater. Fishes are generally found vertically, not horizontally. So down scanning is an effective procedure in fishing.
  • Down imaging can produce good quality pictures underwater, even when your boat is at high speed.
  • Down scanning, fish finders are cheaper than side-scanning ones.

Disadvantages of Down Scanning:

  • Most of the down imaging fish finders have only one transducer. For this reason, it creates low-resolution pictures, and you get little and vague information about the underwater situation.
  • Down imaging fish, finders do not provide enough information about the horizontal situation, which can sometimes be a problem while fishing.
  • Since down imaging creates flat images, you will not know the proper position of the underwater trees.

Side Scanning:

Side scanning is another kind of powerful technology for fish finding. In this process, your boat’s transducer transmits sound signals on both sides of your ship and creates a broader and better image of the underwater for its high frequency. This type of technology can cover a lot of space underwater on both sides of your boat.

Advantages of Side Scanning:

  • You can get the image of the two sides of your boat at a time. It will make you more prepared and aware of the position of the fish.
  • You can locate fishes even in shallow bays and creeks. In this type of situation, side-scanning provides a better image than down scanning.
  • You will be able to see other obstacles underwater and have knowledge about their position accurately. It will help a lot in catching fish.

Disadvantages of Side Scanning:

  • Side scanning is much costly than down scanning.
  • Side scanning is not able to give pictures underneath your boat. So you will not have an idea of that specific area.
  • Slow scanning gives you the best picture when your boat is at a slow speed. It cannot produce a better image if your boat is at high speed.

Down Scanning Vs Side Scanning:

Down scanning and side-scanning are advanced technologies of fish finding and have their own positive and negative aspects. The worth of them depends on your demand. If you need the pictures exactly underneath of your boat, down scanning is the best option you got. If you need to know about the sideways’ situation under the water, you will need side scanning.

So one is not superior to another. You can use any of them according to your demand.

Is it too expensive to buys a fish finder?

Fishfinders are available at online shops. You can also buy them from any fishing shop. There are many kinds of fish finders at different price ranges. If you are fishing out of your hobby, you can purchase normal fish finders at a lower price.

But if you are a professional fisherman, you can buy down scanning or side-scanning fish finders. They are more expensive than normal fish finders for their digital and advanced features. But you can use a down scanning fish finder if you have a low budget as down scanning fish finders are less costly than side scanning.

Have a Fish Finder, Catch More Fishes:

Fishfinders will help your proficiency in fishing. Some upward and downward waves, and you will have mapped out the underwater environment with the help of fish finders. If you take fishing as your profession, you must have a fish finder to catch more fish and gain more profit.

Down scanning or side-scanning would be the best medium to bring you the best output of your effort and time in fishing. You also have to know about operating those devices accurately and adequately. Otherwise, those advanced devices would not be an excellent help to you. So wait no more. Buy a fish finder and have happy fishing!

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