Vacations are coming to an end but have we lost that trill too? I don’t think so. You should spend every last minute of your holiday. Enjoy the last day with your loved ones and do not forget to be the most adventurous person on this planet. Some brief advises- pack your bags, grab your kids and go for boating but do not forget to carry this watersnake trolling motors to make your holiday a memorable one. Get the thrill out of you and prepare to roll on the waters.

  Best Outboard Motor For Saltwater 

I am obsessed with all the water sports and activities. I can literally just live in water like a mermaid with the assurance that I get good seafood. Jokes apart- testing the limits of water is the best you can do to chill in this hot summer. Not just boating, do whatever you feel like with water. Go for surfing, kayaking, boating, swimming, anything but just do not sit ideal like a statue. Enjoy nature’s gift and let yourself drown in there. Hunt down the best sea places and go fishing.

Coming to the main topic of the article let me give you a brief introduction to trolling motors. What is a trolling motor? Came in 1934, a trolling motor is a self-contained machine with an electric motor, propeller, and controls attached to the boat. The main application of this trolling motor is to increase the speed of the boat and go fishing in the oceans and rivers.  Before jumping to the review part let us have a look at the best tips that should be considered while buying one of the best trolling motors.


Choosing a trolling motor is not as easy as it looks. You need to be calm and be wise while choosing the right fit for your boat. There is a lot of science involved in this process. Let’s have a look at this amazing guide which will surely help you in buying the perfect trolling motor:


This might seem like an irrelevant point but believe me when I say it’s not. Even though these trolling motors don’t differentiate between saltwater and freshwater, it is always advised to know the purpose of the trolling motor you are going to buy. Saltwater aids in corrosion hence select the best saltwater trolling motor that is not covered in a lot of metal.



Speed is a very important factor here. For this point, first of all, know your personal preferences and determine which system suits you the best.  Trolling motor comes with three controlling methods- foot pedal, hand units, and remote units. Many people prefer the foot pedal method because then the hands are all free and can be used to perform other tasks on the deck. On the other hand, the hand unit is preferred because it does not take much space and are cheaper to install as compared to the foot control method.



The length of the shaft should always be in mind while committing to purchase a trolling motor.  Longer boats require longer shafts and shorter boats require shorter shafts.  When you are satisfied with the measurement, add 18 inches and you will have the proper length that your trolling motor will require to fit your boat.



Trolling motors are designed in two categories; the bow which is mounted on the front of the boat and the transom which is installed on the stem. The most important thing Is that bow mounts offer the angler more maneuverability, but they are better used in large vessels. On the other hand, transom mounts are more suited for smaller crafts, even though they can be used on any boat.

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When dealing with the thrust, you need to apply basic physics- the bigger your boat, the more pounds of thrust it would require from the trolling motor propelling it.  Know the correct weight of your boat and then apply the right amount of thrust. Talking about the voltage- it is the translation of how much power should be used with a trolling motor. Mainly the trolling motor comes in 3 voltages- 12 volts, 24, and 36 volts. Also, today the trolling motors are designed to handle a multi-battery system.


When buying a trolling motor consider these points and plan accordingly. In the end, it also boils down to your fishing specifications and your vessel. Having a huge motor on the small boat seems a great idea but scientifically this idea won’t last long.  Now it’s time for me to help you in buying the perfect fit for you.  These are the best 10 trolling motors to make your fishing experience the best.


Watersnake trolling motor review:

  1. Watersnake ASP saltwater transom mounts trolling motor:

Your best fishing partner:

Watersnake has always proven its reliability without any doubt. This motor is the best example to show the hard work they put in to give their customers the best of best. The ASP saltwater transom mounts trolling motor is designed specifically for kayaks, small dinghies or inflatable boats. It is meant to be working in saltwater conditions and does not get rusted. This trolling motor will definitely make your fishing experience a wonderful one. Let’s have a look at the amazing features and specifications of this trolling motor:




This saltwater motor comes with anti-corrosion paint and makes the ride perfect in saltwater. The stainless steel external and internal parts allow you to take this motor into fresh, brackish and saltwater without any worries.


This trolling motor is light in weight of approximately 6.7Lbs. This trolling motor provides 24 pounds of thrust which ultimately leads to maximum speed.


Stringently tested and evaluated in the harshest environments and used by fishing guides around the world. Watersnake trolling motors are constructed with high-quality components. Since its release in 2006, Water Snake has proven its reliability. Super quiet on the water, these electric motors come in the transom or bow mount configuration with a choice of the electric foot control.



  • 6.7lbs weight.
  • 24 pounds of thrust.
  • 12-volt battery.
  • 24” shaft.
  • 24 Amp current.
  • Fixed tiller.
  • High and low-speed system



  • Affordable price.
  • Anti-corrosive paint.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Two-blade weedless design propeller.
  • Electric foot control.
  • High-quality components.



  • 1-year warranty against manufacturer defect. Battery not included.


Try this amazing trolling motor as soon as possible. Do not let go of this amazing offer under an affordable range. Let me know the performance so that I can buy this too.


  1. Water Snake T24 ASP Motor with Kayak Bracelet:

A unique model to embrace your love for the sport:


It looks like a mini robot mounted on the stem of the motor. For this motor, I can write the review personally because I had this friend who was having this motor and doesn’t just like it but is madly in love with this motor. She is just not ready to leave this product and try something else.  Why not have a look at the pros and key features of this trolling motor and then decide whether it is worth buying or not.



If you are after lightweight and portability, then this is it. This motor weighs only 2.2Kg and is ideal for powering kayak, canoes, small dinghies and inflatable boats. The simple design keeps the weight down while delivering the performance you need.


The motor has an adjustable transom-mount fitting for easy attachment. There is a high and low-speed control, a forward and reverse switch, and an extendable handle for easy steering. The two-bladed propeller is a weedless design including both the electric motor and the mounting bracket.


The motor included with this kit has 24lbs of thrust. The bracket is new and revolutionary, changing the way kayakers think about attaching their electric motor on a kayak. In the past, kayak and canoe owners were often forced to make their own.


This new design from a water snake was created to make it easy to attach motors to kayaks and canoes. The universal design is suitable for most kayaks and canoes.



  • 24’’ shaft length.
  • 24 lbs of thrust.
  • Shaft diameter, not more than 25mm.
  • Suitable for kayaks and canoes.
  • Very powerful motor.



  • Lightweight.
  • Portable.
  • High thrust.
  • Maximum power.
  • Affordable.
  • Suitable design.



  • The mount creates some problems but other than this the motor is very nice.


I hope now you wish to buy this motor and go fishing as soon as possible.


  1. Watersnake T18S ASP motor:

A powerful motor:

The Watersnake T18S ASP Hand Control Transom Mount is the smallest of the Watersnake motors. It’s designed especially for kayaks, small dinghies, and inflatable boats. It has a transom-mount fitting for easy attachment. It is specially made for tough people because of its tough looks and function. There is a high and low-speed control, a forward and reverse switch, saltwater coated for corrosion resistance, and features an anti-impact clip system in the mount. The 2-blade propeller is a weedless design and can chew through the heaviest of underwater grasses and marsh. Let’s have a look at the specifications of this trolling motor:




24-inch alloy shaft built for the toughest conditions. The design helps to withstand any weather and toughest condition of all.


High and low-speed control, a forward and reverse switch, saltwater coated for corrosion and resistance. It is specially designed for kayaks and canoes.

  • POWER:

The 2-Blade propeller is weedless design, can chew through the heaviest of underwater grasses and marsh.



  • White in color.
  • 24 inches long.
  • 12 Volt trolling motor.
  • 2-blade propeller.



  • It can be used in both freshwaters as well as saltwater.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Maximum power.
  • High and low-speed control.



  • 1-year warranty.

Now I guess you are ready to buy this product. The 2 blade propeller system is very much inviting. Buy this trolling motor and go with my choices. I assure you that you are going to love this trolling motor.


  1. Watersnake FWDR54-48 shadow bow mount trolling motor:

The speed controller:

The only thing I want to say for the review of this motor is that I am buying this trolling motor no matter what happens. The best part about this motor is that it doesn’t have any con and only has advantages. You know what guys, the best advantage is that it comes with a warranty of 2 years. Now let us know some of the key specifications of this trolling motor:




Control the direction or speed of your boat with a touch of your foot with the variable speed foot control unit.


All models are fitted with stainless steel propeller shafts. All propellers are corrosion-free composite shafts that flex on impact.


The 3 blade propeller has a weedless design that can chew through the heaviest of underwater grasses and marsh. Features maximum thrust while running on a 12 Volts of power.



  • 54-pound thrust.
  • 12 Volts of power.
  • 48-inch shaft.
  • 3 blade propeller.
  • Stainless propeller.



  • Corrosion-free.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Maximum power and thrust.
  • 2-year warranty.


Do not look for cons guys. I told you it doesn’t have any con. Plus the benefit is that this trolling motor comes with a 2-year warranty. So grab on this motor and go fishing. Have fun!


  1. Watersnake FWTCS30TH-30 tracer transom mount trolling motor:

The stylish partner:


This motor is said to be the best for kayaks and inflatable boats. The main reason is the sharp and edgy looks this trolling motor has. The silver rod with all black motor and other accessories make it look very attractive. It not only comes with good looks but also with powerful functions and good performance. Here are some of the key features and pros this model holds:



This is considered to be the perfect motor for kayaks and inflatable boats. The quality craftsmanship and materials make this product a must-have for any fisherman.


The motor has very sharp and edgy looks. The motor is very slim and thin. The sleek model gives it another benefit of removing the extra bulk from the trolling motor.


It includes a heavy-duty transom mount for easy setup. The mount is made from alloy to ensure extended durability.



  • 12-Volt, 30lbs thrust electric motor.
  • Telescopic handle for convenience.
  • 30-inch long shaft.
  • 2 blade weedless propeller.



  • Stylish design.
  • Powerful motor.
  • It offers maximum power and reliability.
  • High-quality components.



  • The battery doesn’t come with a charger.


You don’t need to lose your heart as the chargers for your battery are available on the market separately. Just don’t forget to order thus trolling motor right now because you won’t get a chance later on. Imagine how stylish your boat will look once this motor gets attached to it.


  1. Watersnake Venom SWT 54/42:

The tech savior:

I am so much into technology and digitalization and this model was for me. I said “was” because I took no time in thinking about whether I should buy this trolling motor or not. The day I heard about this motor I bought it. This trolling motor is the need of an hour. I mean seriously, all the tech lovers do not waste time thinking which motor is better because this definitely has crossed all the limits.  Let me convince you more by showing you what this motor has:



It has both a tough composite shaft as well as a stainless steel propeller shaft for durability.


This boat trolling motor comes with a digital voltage meter and adjustable alloy transom brackets.


The motor is equipped with five forward speeds and three reverse speeds. It also features a telescopic tiller control and weedless three-blade propeller making it ideal for any outing.


This Watersnake trolling motor has a versatile design and is easy to use making it ideal for the serious angler. It has a handle-control to make maneuvering in the water simple.



  • 5 forward speeds, 3 reverse speeds.
  • Digital voltage meter.
  • Telescopic tiller control.
  • 54lbs thrust.
  • 12-volt battery.
  • 42 inches long shaft.



  • High thrust.
  • Maximum power.
  • Digital advancements.
  • Adjustable alloy transom bracket.
  • Tough composite shaft.
  • 3 blade propeller.


This trolling motor doesn’t come with any disadvantage and is within your budget. Hurry up and buy this piece.


  1. Watersnake saltwater venom SX transom mounts electric outboard motor:

The upgraded technology version:

This trolling motor is the upgraded version of the previous trolling motor. My elder brother has this motor and is not ready to swap it with any other motor. He says that this motor is made for his boat and this is what he always wanted. Well, the review for this one is actually written according to my brother:



Watersnake Venom SX short shaft electric outboard saltwater motor is suitable for both freshwaters as well as saltwater. This design is perfect for canoes, tenders, inflatable boats, and small dinghies. It has a very sleek modern design.


This trolling motor comes with an 8-speed control system. Five forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds.


The build quality throughout is excellent, from the extra tough composite shaft that will flex on impact to the clever telescopic handle, alloy transom mount brackets and the stainless steel shaft and weedless propeller are the extra benefits of this model.


The telescopic handle allows you to adjust the motor for comfort and convenience. Having the handle at an easy to reach length keeps you in control. The compact and stylish motor head design incorporates a new thicker ergonomic grip for the tiller handle.


The digital voltage meter allows you to see the voltage going into your motor from your battery and you can keep track of your battery’s condition.



  • 54lb thrust.
  • 12 volts battery.
  • Digital voltage meter.
  • 26” short shaft.



  • Sleek design.
  • Powerful motor.
  • 8-speed control.
  • Excellent quality.


Who doesn’t want this upgraded version? The cost might little be high but it’s all worth it. Invest a little and get a lot is the theory we should all run on. Plus you have the assurance from watersnake. Buy it now!


  1. Watersnake SWSB54-54 assault bow mount hand control motor:

The coolest companion for fishing:

A perfect 54 inch, white-colored trolling motor. This scissors-type motor mount easily works on Flats boats, Bay Boats, Skiffs, and Center Consoles.  You won’t believe that this motor is considered to be the most powerful and most efficient trolling motor. It is again tested and evaluated in the harshest environment and has been used by the fishing guides around the globe. Let’s have a look at the specifications and key features this motor has for us:



54-inch composite and alloy shaft built to withstand the toughest conditions. Heavy-duty 3 blade weedless propeller designed to chew through the heaviest of underwater grasses and marsh.


A cut-off switch engages as soon as the motor is placed in the stow position. The mounts are very easy to install and easy to stow. The Watersnake Assault motor is more powerful and more efficient than any other motor in its class.



  • 12-volt 54-pound thrust motor.
  • 3-blade weedless propeller.
  • hinged adjusting the collar.
  • telescopic handle.
  • variable forward and reverse speeds.



  • Sleek design.
  • Control bow mount trolling motor.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Super quiet and reliable.
  • 2-year warranty.



  • For saltwater use only.

This motor is a nice package for you. One thing is sure, other than this con that it can only be used in salt water every other thing is super good about this trolling motor. It has been considered as a reliable partner and what else do we need?


  1. Watersnake FWDR44-48 shadow Bow mount foot control motor:

The complete package:

This black masterpiece will surely take your heart away. It has everything you need in a trolling motor to make your fishing ride a successful one. Plus it comes with a 2-year warranty which acts as a cherry on the top. Let’s have a look at the amazing features it has:



Control the direction or speed of your boat with a touch of your foot with the variable speed foot control unit.


All models are fitted with stainless steel propeller shafts. Propellers and composite shafts that flex on impact are corrosion-free.


Shadow DR motors are stringently built to withstand the harsh conditions associated with freshwater fishing and you will come to appreciate the sleek design of these motors along with the silent yet powerful motor.



  • 44-pound thrust.
  • 12-Volts power.
  • 48-inch long shaft.
  • 3-blade propeller.



  • Affordable.
  • High power and strength.
  • Corrosion-free elements.
  • 2-year warranty.


This is altogether a very good deal to crack. A powerful yet silent motor to make your fishing ride a good one with so many benefits. I wish I had money in bulk to buy all these trolling motors.


  1. Watersnake FWTCS54TH-42 Tracer Transom Mount Trolling Motor:

The one that has your back:

This is the last one in the review section but is not at all the last option to consider. The black looks of this motor will definitely force you to buy this trolling motor along with the power and strength it provides. Let’s have a look at the amazing features this trolling motor has to offer:




This Trolling Motor is designed for small watercraft, including, Jon boats, Tenders, Inflatables, Gheenoes, Canoes and Kayaks with brackets. Featuring a 12-volt, 54-pound thrust electric motor, this device offers reliable performance every time. It features a telescopic handle for easy and convenient operation.


This 54lbs thrust electric motor has five forward speeds and two reverse speeds for precise control. It includes a heavy-duty transom mount for easy setup. The mount is made from alloy to ensure extended durability. The 42-inch chrome-plated steel shaft allows for up and down adjustment.


This Watersnake electric boat motor is not only functional but also adds style to your boat. Watersnake fresh or salt-water electric motors offer consumers more power and reliability for fewer dollars. Stringently tested and evaluated in the harshest environments and used by fishing guides around the world, Watersnake trolling motors are constructed from high-quality components.


  • 54-Pound Thrust.
  • 12 Volts battery.
  • 42-inch shaft length.
  • 2-blade propeller.
  • Telescopic handle.



  • High-quality elements.
  • Maximum power.
  • Sleek body.
  • Reliable motor.


This motor is considered best for fishing and has been tested with the fisherman around the world. Show no doubt in buying these trolling motors. The looks specifically are to die for and give a smart look to your boat.

These are the reviews of these 10 amazing trolling motors. I hope you find the perfect match for your boat and enjoy that fishing experience very well. Watersnake offers the best motors globally and since its release in 2006, no complaints have been heard against their production. In fact, their customers always praise them for bringing out reliable products with consistent performance.

Hope you find this article helpful. Let me know your reviews on this one in the comment section. Have Fun!

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